New, affordable homes for Indigenous and Swahili Peoples in New Westminster

The Aboriginal Land Trust, in collaboration with Lu'ma Native Housing Society and the Swahili Vision International Association, is planning to redevelop a site at 823-841 Sixth Street in the vibrant Uptown neighbourhood of New Westminster. The project will provide multigenerational and multicultural housing for members of both the Urban Indigenous and Swahili communities.

The new housing is proposed to be six storeys and would include:

  • Affordable rental homes for low to moderate income households

  • A combination of one, two and three-bedroom apartments for a total of 96 housing units

  • Indoor and outdoor gathering spaces and a children's play area

  • One level of underground parking including 53 stalls, bike storage and lockers

  • Ground floor units with doors opening onto 6th Street

  • A new multi-use pathway at the north end of the site for pedestrians and cyclists to travel between 6th and 5th Streets

A place to share and celebrate culture

Designed to support both Urban Indigenous and Swahili Peoples, the building will serve as a safe, welcoming place where generations of people can come together to express, share and celebrate culture, traditional knowledge and history. The building is designed to reflect a traditional way of communal living, providing opportunities for Elders, families and young people to support and learn from one another.

The building’s design and landscaping will incorporate Indigenous and Swahili art, native plants and other cultural elements.

This project is an important step towards reconciliation and an opportunity to fill the need for housing for Indigenous Peoples and people of African descent in New Westminster.

Proposed redevelopment process

For more information, please contact:

To submit comments by mail, please address:

Aboriginal Land Trust

1848 Commercial Drive

Vancouver, BC, V5N 4A5